HHS Announces New Digital & Mobile Health Apps to Help You Stay Healthy

In a HealthBeat message and podcast issued on April 22, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) pronounced that “Your health is going digital. Health applications on the go are becoming more available.”

The message describes new mobile health apps made available by HHS, and also links to the HHS consumer health site, HealthFinder.gov, which provides multiple online health tools, including the following online health widgets:

Be Active Your Way Widget

MyHealthFinder Widget

MyHealthFinder App from HHS

New Heart Health Mobile App

The HealthBeat message also announces the development of a new “Heart Health Mobile” app, by Dr. Simon Lin and his team at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation.

Dr. Lin’s app recently won a contest sponsored by the HHS initiative, Million Hearts, which challenged developers to create an app to help people manage their heart health.

The new Heart Health Mobile app “gives people a fun, interactive tool that lets them track key risk factors for heart attacks and strokes, while monitoring improvement,” Dr. Lin said in a news release issued by the Marshfield Clinic.

The Heart Health Mobile app is currently available for download from the Apple app store. An online version is available at HeartHealthMobile.com.

Twenty-Nine Other Mobile Apps from HHS

The HealthBeat message links to multiple other mobile health apps that HHS has developed or co-sponsored as part of its strategy to promote the effective use of technology in preventive health care. These include apps relating to “heart health, weight, women’s health, and more,” according to the HHS HealthBeat message.

Here are descriptions provided by HHS of a few of the 29 mobile health apps available for free download from the HHS website, HHS.gov/ DigitalStrategy:

  • 52 Weeks for Women’s Health mobile app from NIH

    52 Weeks for Women’s Health
    By: National Institutes of Health
    Platforms: iPhone and Android”

    “This mobile app is for anyone interested in learning more about women’s health. It contains information on 52 health topics, from “eye health” or “contraception”. Each topic offers lifestyle tips related to the subject. Users learn about the weekly topic and can compile a list of their favorite tips for quick reference. With the app you can also keep track of personal health information like medications, allergies and wellbeing.”

  • BMI Calculator mobile app from NIH

    BMI Calculator
    By: National Institutes of Health
    Platforms: iPhone”

    “One of the most popular tools on the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s website is the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator. BMI is a reliable indicator of total body fat, which is related to the risk of disease and death. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s BMI calculator receives 1.6 million visitors a month and ranks #1 on Google. This mobile version provides results right on your phone along with links to healthy weight resources on the NHLBI website.”

  • CDC Health eCards mobile app

    CDC Health-e-cards
    By: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Platforms: iPhone and iPod Touch”

    “With this app you can send health eCards directly from your device to friends, family and loved ones. Nearly half of iPhone users and 30% of iPod touch users making health-related inquiries from their device. This medical app provides a way for health seekers to easily share important health tips with others.”

    “Based on CDC’s successful eCards’ website, this mobile app features popular eCards and timely updates to coincide with important health events throughout the year, including American Heart Month, Flu Season, Great American Smokeout, and others.”

  • CDC ipad and tablet health app

    CDC Tablet App
    By: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Platforms: iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet”

    “The CDC tablet app brings important health information to your fingertips. It features health articles, background on the ‘disease of the week’, popular journals, timely updates and features real time updates from CDC’s social media accounts. It is updated throughout the year to coincide with important health concerns of the moment.”

  • Health Hotlines community service mobile app from NIH

    Health Hotlines Exit Disclaimer
    By: National Library of Medicine
    Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad”

    “Health Hotlines is a community service mobile app to help the public locate health-related information. It is a directory of almost 9,000 organizations with toll-free telephone numbers. Subject areas included AIDS, cancer and other diseases and disorders, maternal and child health, aging, substance abuse, disabilities, and mental health. Organizations included in the directory fall into many categories including: government agencies, information and referral centers, professional societies, support groups and voluntary associations.”

  • Mobile app from HRSA that identifies health center locations

    HRSA Find a Health Center
    By: Health Resources and Services Administration
    Platforms: iPhone and Android”

    “Federally-funded health centers will care for you, even if you have no health insurance. Based on your income you pay what you can afford. This mobile app helps you find the nearest health center with the mapping software in your phone. Health centers are located in most cities and many rural areas. Type in a city/state/ZIP or place name and click the ‘Find Center’ button to locate the health center nearest you.”

  • Mobile App MyMedList (MML) by the National Library of Medicine

    MyMedList (MML)
    By: National Library of Medicine
    Platform: Apple iOS devices”

    “A record of current and past medications is useful if not vital information to an individual. Such information needs to be easily accessible, yet adequately protected. MyMedList is an application developed at the National Library of Medicine. MML allows users to manage their medication list, and control access to it. The personal medication list can be printed out to share, can be mailed to a relative, can serve as a reminder to the individual for taking medications, or be shown as reference information in doctor’s offices or hospitals.”

  • QuitPal stop smoking mobile app from NCI

    NCI QuitPal
    By: National Cancer Institute
    Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad”

    “This mobile app will help you become smoke-free! It offers proven strategies and tools to help assist you with giving up smoking. Features Include:

    • Calendar functions to set a quit date, financial goals by date, and reminders
    • Track daily smoking habits with an easy-to-use log
    • Graphic features tracking the money you’ve saved and the number of packs you have not smoked
    • Health milestone alerts and craving tips to stay motivated
    • Facebook and Twitter integration so you can update your friends when you’ve reach a milestone
    • Video diary features, and the ability to receive personalized video messages from loved ones.”
  • QuitStart mobile app from NCI to track progress on stopping smoking and controlling cravings

    By: National Cancer Institute
    Platforms: iPhone”

    “The QuitSTART mobile app will kick-start your smoke free lifestyle. With it you can track cravings and moods and monitor your progress toward achieving smoke free milestones.  The app also allows you to identify your smoking triggers, and upload personalized “pick me ups” for support during challenging times.”

  • Reunite mobile app from NLM to search national missing and found people database

    Reunite Exit Disclaimer
    By: National Library of Medicine
    Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad”

    “This mobile app allows you to use the national missing and found people database.  This database was launched to help family’s reunite after disasters and is part of the Lost Person Finder project. The app is primarily intended for the general public to report missing and/or found people. It is also useful for organizations, health care providers and relief workers helping family reunifications efforts after a disaster.”

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