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Advertising Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: November 1, 2012

Advertise Your Business, Product or Service that is Helpful to Caregivers or Seniors

Why advertise on HelpingYouCare®:
  • Review the demographics and market size of our target audience: family caregivers and seniors: Please see the posts under News & Events/ The Expanding Role of Family Caregivers.
  • Affordable Advertising Rates: Because HelpingYouCare® is a relatively new website, for a limited time, you can still take advantage of our low Introductory Advertising Rates (see more details under “Terms” Below).
  • Support a Good Cause; Build Good Will: Your sponsorship will be supporting an important and needed service for family caregivers, seniors and our communities. Generate good will for your business by sponsoring our efforts, while making your helpful product or service available to the caregiver and senior community we exist to serve.

To place an Ad online Now: Click Here

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Ad Sizes/ Placement Available:

We offer the following standard online ad unit sizes, the first four of which comprise the Universal Ad Package (UAP) of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB):

  • Leaderboard — 728 X 90 — At the top of the site. Premium Position, if purchased, shows on all 2,100+ pages of the site. May be shared by no more than three advertisers. Ads may rotate dynamically or with each page refresh. The 728 X 90 Leaderboard is also available at the bottom of certain pages, and may be purchased on specific pages at the top if space is available.
  • Medium Rectangle — 300 X 250 — Right column, available on virtually all pages (You may purchase a “Guaranteed Top Right Premium Placement Position” when available; otherwise placement is in our discretion, on a space available basis. Top right position may rotate randomly, upon each page refresh, with no more than two advertisers.
  • Wide Skyscraper — 160 X 600 — Available in the right inner and left columns of every page. (On the Home page, Wide Skyscrapers are placed below all editorial content. On other pages, the top inner right column position may be available.)
  • Small Rectangle — 180 X 150 — Available in the right inner and left columns every page. (On the Home page, these ads are placed below all editorial content. On other pages, a higher inner right column position may be available.)
  • Full Banner — 468 X 60 — Center column below non-ad text (available on all pages).
  • Large Rectangle — 336 X 280 — Center column below non-ad text (available on approximately 1,600 single article pages + 355 category pages + 7 short content resource pages).
  • Vertical Rectangle — 240 X 400 — Right column (available on virtually all pages).

See a Diagram showing the layout of ad placement on the site. To see actual ad sizes, see the IAB Ad Unit Guidelines, and click on “View IMU” beside each size.

For any of the Ad sizes (other than the Leaderboard), we accept text ads, image ads (submitted to us for posting in JPG format), or combined text/ image ads.

Subject to all of our Advertising Terms & Conditions (stated on this page) and all of our Legal Terms & Conditions, we also accept paid promotional content in the form of articles or links; provided that all such promotional content or links will be labeled as “Advertisement” or “Sponsored Content” and will be separated from other content on the site.

For further information about submitting Ads or paid promotional content or links, and pricing, please e-mail us at: Info@HelpingYouCare.com.

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Targeted Advertising:

You can request placement on specific pages of HelpingYouCare®, subject to space availability. Just state the URLs of the pages on which you request placement in the place provided on the easy online Ad Submission Form. You can specifically purchase Guaranteed Premium Placement Positions, space available, and you can also target your Ad to pages of the site focusing on one or more Content Categories, as follows:

Premium Placement Positions:

  1. Top 728 X 90 Leaderboard — Visible on all pages of the site
  2. Top Right Column — On virtually all pages of the site
  3. All-Page Ads — Ads placed on virtually all pages of the site
  4. Home Page – Ads placed on the Home Page of HelpingYouCare®
  5. Premium Exposure Content Categories – Ads placed on all pages in any Premium Exposure Content Category

Premium Exposure Content Categories:

  1. New & Featured on HelpingYouCare® – all pages containing feature articles or videos
  2. Latest News – all pages containing news articles published on the site

High Exposure Content Categories:

  1. Senior Health/ Wellness (Diet; Exercise; Prevention; Intellectual, Emotional, Social, or Occupational Wellness; and Stories of Inspiring Seniors)
  2. Caregiver Tips, Checklists, Tools, Resources & Education
  3. Medical Conditions & Concerns Commonly Faced by Seniors – Selection among 15 Medical Conditions covered on the site
  4. Senior Financial or Legal Issues & Concerns

Choice Content Categories:

  1. Senior Housing & Care Facilities – Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Independent Living, CCRC’s & Other Care Facilities
  2. Home Health Care
  3. Caregiver Self-Care, Stress Management, Inspiration & Humor & Caregiver Support (including Caregiver Stories, CareWiki™ & CaregiversLikeUs™
  4. Health Care Reform/ Health & Long-Term Care Policy
  5. Senior Products, Technology, Medical Equipment & Senior Clothing

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Easy Online Ad Purchase Process:
  1. All ad purchases can be handled easily online. To submit an ad for consideration, simply contact us by e-mail for pricing and options, and then fill out our online Ad Submission Form. Acceptance of our Advertising Terms & Conditions and Legal Terms is part of the simple online ad submission process.
  2. We accept an image or post-ready art in JPG format, which can be submitted online with the ad submission form. JPG files should be sized to the size of the ad you are purchasing, or ad design fees may apply. Text ads can be proposed in a Word document attached to your online ad submission form.
  3. Once your ad is accepted and approved, we will notify and invoice you by e-mail. Payment can be made online by PayPal or by Credit Card (via PayPal), using a payment link we will provide you in the invoice.

Go to the Ad Submission Form to Place an Ad Online Now

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  • We accept ads only from companies or individuals providing products or services that, in the judgment of our Publisher, are helpful to family caregivers or seniors.

  • We necessarily reserve the right to accept or reject ads in our discretion, without providing a reason.

  • Different placement options are available. E-mail Info@HelpingYouCare.com for pricing and options available. You may purchase a Premium Placement Position, space available. Or, you may request placement on a certain page or pages of the site. We attempt to the extent possible to honor such requests, however, placement is necessarily on a space available basis and in the discretion of our Publisher. You may also target your ad to pages in certain Content Categories (see above). All ads are segregated from editorial content on the site, and placed in areas of the site clearly labeled “Advertisement” or “Advertisements.”

  • Affordable Rates. Limited Time: Reduced Introductory Advertising Rates: For a limited time, we are offering reduced introductory advertising rates. All ad purchases are quoted at flat monthly rates. Minimum purchase: 3 Months. Payment in Advance, by PayPal or Credit Card (via PayPal). For more information, Contact us at: Info@HelpingYouCare.com.
    Introductory Rates Offer good only for purchases made while this offer is posted here. Offer may end at any time, in our discretion, for ads purchased after any end date of offer that may be posted here.

  • Additional Terms apply: All advertising is subject to our Advertising Terms & Conditions (all content on this page), our Advertising Service Agreement and our Legal Terms & Conditions, including without limitation our Terms of Use, Code of Conduct, Editorial Policy, and Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to remove any ad at any time, without providing a reason, and in that case we would refund that prorated portion of the fee received that corresponds to time periods after removal.

  • Disclaimers; Restrictions: The HelpingYouCare® website and its owner, Care-Help LLC, do not endorse or recommend any product, service, business or organization advertised on this website. We have not verified or approved and do not vouch for the truth, accuracy, completeness, or legal or regulatory compliance of any ad posted on the site or the information or assertions contained therein, and we assume no responsibility to do so. We specifically disclaim all responsibility and all liability of any kind with respect to or arising out of any ad posted on the HelpingYouCare® website and/ or the product, service, business, or organization advertised therein. No advertiser shall make any statements or refer to its advertising on HelpingYouCare® in any way that states or implies endorsement or approval of its ad, product, service, business or organization by, or any affiliation of any kind with, HelpingYouCare® or its owner, officers, editors or staff.

  • If your proposed ad potentially qualifies, we will e-mail you regarding advertising options, specs & rates available.

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For More Information or
To Place an Ad:

● For More Information, Please Contact Us At:


Please place the word, “Advertising” in the subject line of your e-mail.

We will provide you more information on our Reduced Introductory Advertising Rates ). Assuming you are proposing an ad that will qualify, we will provide you information on the types and sizes of ads (including text ads, image ads, or sponsored links and content), placement positions by pages and content categories, and pricing available.

● To Place an Ad Online Now: Click Here.

If you have contacted us, as referenced above, we will answer any questions you may have, and help you quickly complete and submit the online ad submission form, and then e-mail you an invoice and link where you can easily and quickly make payment via PayPal.

If we have approved your ad and it is submitted post-ready, in most cases it can be placed within 24 hours after (i) you properly complete and submit the online ad submission form and (ii) we receive advance payment for the ad via PayPal.

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To our Advertisers:

Thank you for your support in sponsoring the service that is provided to caregivers, seniors and our communities by HelpingYouCare®.

The Publisher and Staff of HelpingYouCare®
Care-Help LLC, Publisher/ Owner

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