Legal & Financial Matters – Checklist of Issues

This Section of provides information on legal and financial issues that family caregivers need to address with their elders. If you do not prepare yourself, plan ahead, obtain qualified professional advice, and address these issues properly and in time with your parent, spouse or relative, you may not be able to provide the level of care you want to provide for your loved one.

See Contents under Legal Matters or Financial Issues, at left. Summary Index & Checklists of Topics below.

See Disclaimer below.


  • Overview of Legal Issues for Seniors & Their Caregivers »»»
  • Health Care Advance Directives – Living Wills; Proxies; Surrogates »»»
  • Planning for Incapacity – Overview »»»
    • Durable Powers of Attorney – By State »»»
    • Guardianship – By State »»»
  • Estate Planning – Overview: Taxes; Wills; Intestate Succession; Trusts »»»
    • Wills, Probate & Intestate Succession – By State »»»
    • Trusts – Overview: Revocable; Irrevocable; Special Needs »»»
    • Trusts – By State »»»
  • Asset Transfers & Medicaid Planning – Overview »»»
    • Asset Transfers & Medicaid Planning – By State »»»
  • Other Legal Issues »»»
    • Patient Rights »»»
    • Privacy Rights »»»
    • Employment Rights of Family Caregivers »»»
    • Hiring Private Duty Aides: Employee vs Contractor »»»
    • Senior Housing and Related Legal Issues »»»


  • Overview: Financial Planning for Long-Term Care »»»
  • Long-Term Care Insurance »»»
  • Medicare Coverage »»»
  • Medicaid Coverage and Planning »»»
  • Veterans Administration Benefits »»»
  • Other Financial Issues »»»

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These are important matters, and you should consult a qualified attorney, accountant and financial advisor before making any decisions or taking or omitting to take any action of a legal or financial nature. Your action or inaction can seriously affect you and your loved one’s legal rights and financial situation. The above lists of some of the legal and financial issues to be considered are not comprehensive, and there may be other issues that should be addressed in your situation. Consult your lawyer, accountant, and financial advisors. and its owner, Care-Help LLC, do not endorse and are not responsible for the information on other websites to which we may link, or for any content written by others and posted or linked on this site.

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