American Red Cross Offers Free Family Caregiver Classes

Family Caregiver ClassesThe American Red Cross is sponsoring a series of Classes for Family caregivers, which include eight one-hour modules of instruction on topics intended “to help participants gain an understanding of what is involved in caring for a loved one.”

The classes cover topics such as such as personal care, nutrition, home safety, Alzheimer’s care, and others listed below.

“This information is of vital importance to those caring for their loved ones who suffer from chronic illness or disabilities,” the Red Cross states on their website,, which provides further information about the classes.

The classes are free, and participants receive a booklet for each module.

The Eight one-hour class modules include:

  • Home Safety
  • General Caregiving Skills
  • Positioning and Helping Your Loved One Move
  • Assisting with Personal Care
  • Healthy Eating
  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • Legal and Financial Issues; and
  • Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

Further, more detailed information about the eight class modules is found on the Red Cross website

The classes are provided for the American Red Cross by Clinic Resource Group, Inc., which is referred to on the Red Cross site as an Authorized Provider of American Red Cross Family Caregiver Classes.

The Red Cross provides the following general information about the classes on its website:

“The classes are designed to help the every day individual in taking care of loved and do not offer any professional level certification. Please refer to your local community college for upper level training support. Red Cross Caregiver classes are typically offered at community centers such as libraries, various medical support classes, caregiver support sites as well as employers and hospitals.

All classes include handouts and additional provider information. Caring for a parent, spouse or friend at home can be overwhelming. Let the Red Cross Family Caregiver classes help you. Contact GRC today for your local teaching contact for class locations and times.”

More Information

Clinic Resource Group can be contacted for further information about Red Cross Family Caregiver Classes in your area, through its website, or by telephone at: 1-800-994-1143.

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