Tips to Keep the Holiday Pounds Off

Tips to Avoid Putting on Pounds over the Holidays - from Dr. OzGeorge Stephanopoulos interviewed Dr. Oz, who offered tips on how to avoid putting on weight during the Holidays.

According to Stephanopoulos, over 50% of people gain 2 or more pounds over the Holidays, and 10% of people gain 5 pounds or more. And, most people never manage to lose those extra pounds. Every year, at the Holidays many typically just add more weight on top of the extra pounds from last year.

Here is a summary of some tips from Dr. Oz to help avoid the temptations you face at Holiday parties and everywhere during the Holidays:

  1. Write down everything you eat, and weigh yourself every couple of days. This will help you become conscious of the calories you may be taking in.
  2. Eat a pre-party snack. Eating a snack of about 100 calories before you attend a Holiday party, will keep you from arriving hungry. A cheese stick or a piece of fruit might be a good snack choice.
  3. Don’t Bake. If you are to bring goodies to the party, buy them at a bakery or grocery store; don’t bake them yourself. The temptation to sample some is much greater when you bake than when you buy baked goods in a wrapped package to bring with you to the party.
  4. Beware of drinks and beverages. Many have much higher calories that you think. For example, a glass of eggnog may have over 450 calories. Hard liquor, in addition to being unhealthy and possibly dangerous if you are driving, has very high calorie content. Consider diluting such drinks with tonic water to cut their calories down to about 100 a glass.
  5. Exercise. At least 20 minutes a day of exercise can do more than you might think to help your waist line.

Watch Dr. Oz explain his tips for keeping the Holiday pounds off »

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