Still Driving - Safely - at 100 Years Old

Suzie Dixon - Still Driving at Age 100100 Year Old Suzie Dixon of the UK is still driving her own car at age 100.

She started driving a 1920′s “Bull Nose Morris” car in the early 1930′s, and she has been driving ever since — over 82 years.

She has never had an accident, and her little drive at age 100, with a British news correspondent, shows her continued good driving skills.

Asked what she thinks of the “age old argument that women are not as good drivers as men,” she replies: “Rubbish!”

Suzie says that being able to drive her own car is extremely important to her, because it gives her “the ability to get around without relying on others.” She says she will continue to drive “as long I can.” Though, “I’ll probably be stopped after this [TV interview]“, she quips. We are sure she means that she will continue to drive as long as she is “able to do so safely.”

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DISCLAIMER: HelpingYouCare® does not recommend continuing to drive a car at age 100 or at any age unless legal to do so, and unless in the opinion of your doctor, family, and the motor vehicle governmental authorities in your state, you are fully qualified and capable of doing so as safely as a safe driver of middle age.

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