Alex Nastaskin is Competitive Champion in Ballroom Dance

Alex Nastaskin with Liene Di Lorenzo - Foxtrot at Goldcoast Ballroom Showcase July 10, 2012Arkade (“Alex”) Nastaskin, performing with his instructor, international ballroom dance professional Liene Di Lorenzo, wowed the crowd with an impressive International Tango and Slow Foxtrot at the Goldcoast Ballroom Showcase on July 10, 2012 (videos below).

At the Florida State DanceSport Championships competition held in Sarasota, Florida, July 31 through August 5, 2012, dancing with Liene Di Lorenzo, Alex came in Number 1 in all dances in his categories, including the “Triple Crown International Ballroom 5-Dance Challenge.” This makes him the “2012 Triple Crown Championship Winner,” having placed First in all of the Triple Crown Championship competitions in 2012. This high honor is not the first Title in competitive ballroom dance that Alex has won.

Alex is a many-time competitive champion in Pro-Am ballroom dance (where amateur students dance with their instructors, who are professional dancers). He regularly dances with his instructor in ballroom dance competitions throughout the United States and Canada, as well as performing in showcase performances.

Dancing with Liene Di Lorenzo, Alex recently placed Number 1 in all dances at the Crown Jewel of DanceSport Competition in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He also came in Number 1 in the Millenium Dancesport Championship 2012, Manhattan Dancesport championship 2012, Texas Challenge 2012, Florida Superstars 2012, and Sunshine State Dancesport championship 2012. These are just a few of the Competitive Titles that Alex has won recently in international ballroom dance competitions.

Alex has danced competitively for the past five years, and has been engaged in ballroom dancing for over nine years. The following video shows just one sample of his winning competitive performances. In this Quickstep competition at the Triple Crown DanceSport Championships, Alex and Liene are Couple Number 442 (the fast-moving couple who start at the far end of the room and come hop-skipping down the floor (she in a black dress with silvery bodice):

Alex Nastaskin with Instructor Liene Di Lorenzo (Couple Number 442) – Quickstep competition at Triple Crown DanceSport Championships »

“Ballroom dancing is my passion,” says Alex. “There is nothing more uplifting or inspiring than expressing beautiful music in movement. It just transports you to a happy place. And, dancing is a form of athletic endeavor too. The intense aerobic exercise involved helps you stay healthy. It keeps you young,” Alex says.

Alex’s dancing prowess and progress are remarkable. You’d never guess his age. “You’d never imagine how young I feel on the dance floor!” he says.

His secrets to staying so fit: Alex rigorously works out every day, with about an hour of exercises – including swimming, strength and aerobic training — and at least an hour of ballroom dance practice every day. “I swim about one half mile every day,” Alex explains. “Then, several times a week I lift weights, or train on the treadmill or bicycle, and do exercises tensing and stretching the shoulder blades for posture and balance — in addition to the daily dance practice,” he adds. “It is all to stay healthy,” Alex says.

Alex Nastaskin with Liene Di Lorenzo, his professional dance instructor With his instructor, international professional dancer Liene Di Lorenzo, Alex currently performs in an average of 10 to 12 ballroom dance competitions or showcase performances a year. This involves traveling to many cities throughout the U.S. to compete in Pro-Am competitions (where amateur students dance with their professional dance instructors).

“Alex is very dedicated,” says Liene. “He practices his dancing at least an hour every day, in addition to his swimming and other rigorous exercises,” she notes. “He also spends a lot of time studying dance videos- watching the performances and lectures given by the World champions, where he continuously finds new ideas and inspiration for his improvement.”

Alex Nastaskin with Paolo Di Lorenzo displaying Alex's Trophies Pictured at right are Alex and Paolo Di Lorenzo, Liene’s husband and professional dance partner, holding Alex’s trophies. These are just a couple of the many trophies and awards that Alex has won.

Liene Di Lorenzo and her husband and dance partner Paolo Di Lorenzo, are among the top professional dancers in the world. They hold many US and World Titles in competitive ballroom dancing. They teach private lessons and group classes in all international standard dances – Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep – as well as other dances at Goldcoast Ballroom in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Paolo & Liene Di Lorenzo Liene Di Lorenzo (whose maiden name is Liene Darbiniece), a native of Latvia, and her husband Paolo DiLorenzo, a native of Italy, regularly compete as a professional couple at the highest levels of International Dance. They have competed and performed all over Europe, Asia and the USA, representing Latvia, (Liene’s native country). They recently competed at Blackpool, England, one of the most prestigious international competitions, and they ranked First Place in the Professional Rising Star Standard (Can-Am Dancesport Gala 2011 in Toronto, Canada), 2nd place Professional Open at 2011 Philadelphia Championship, 4th at “The Japan Open Championship 2009” (Tokyo), First Place at “The Texas Challenge 2009” dancesport championship (Houston), and Winner of the “Grand National Championship 2008” (Miami), among many other titles.

Samples of Liene and Paolo Di Lorenzo’s beautiful dancing can be viewed on several YouTube Videos of Paolo and Liene Di Lorenzo.

Alex Nastaskin has been studying with Liene Di Lorenzo for close to two years.

Following is a video of Alex Nastaskin’s impressive International Tango with his instructor Liene Di Lorenzo at the Goldcoast Ballroom Showcase, July 10, 2012 »

And, Alex and Liene’s beautiful Slow Foxtrot closed the show to enthusiastic applause »

Liene and Paolo Di Lorenzo teach private lessons and group classes in international ballroom dance – all dances – at Goldcoast Ballroom in Coconut Creek, Florida, where the July 10 Showcase Performances took place. They also teach at The Plaza Ballroom in North Palm Beach, Florida.

For more information about their classes or private lessons, see the Current Goldcoast Ballroom Calendar », or contact Liene and Paolo via their website, or by e-mail at:

The Goldcoast Ballroom, owned by Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno, is located at 1415 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33063 (Tel: 954-979-0770). It offers group classes and private lessons in all dances, taught by World Class instructors, many of whom hold National and World titles in dance. It also offers social dances Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, tea dances on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and several spectacular Showcase Performances, which have included guest performances by professionals from Dancing With the Stars as well as other National and World Champions of dance.

View the Current Goldcoast Ballroom Calendar »


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