Find and Compare Doctors

Find and Compare Doctors with's Physician Compare ToolVisit’s Physician Compare tool to find and compare doctors and other health care professionals:

  • by geographic location (zip code or city and state); and
  • by specialty

You can also search for a health care professional by last name, or narrow your search to include only doctors who accept Medicare. In addition, you can indicate a preference of male or female doctors in your search.

Visit’s Physician Compare tool.

See also CareHelpFinder™, the HelpingYouCare™ senior-care resource locator tools to help you:


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    Politicians have usually batted around how Medicare bills are determined. Hospitals are currently paid depending on which one of 441 different geographic areas a medical facility is in. Hospitals with greater patient-care results will be seeing a change soon. In 2013, hospitals will get greater payments for better patient-care results.

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