Parkinson's Moving Day - Walk and Move for Parkinsons

Move for Parkinson'sThe National Parkinson’s Foundation has announced that Katie Couric has been appointed Honorary National Chair of Parkinson’s Moving Day, a series of events when people engage in fundraising walks and other activities for Parkinsons to bring awareness to the disease.

This fall, Moving Day will launch in three locations:

• Monday, Sept. 26 for Oct. 1, 2011 Moving Day in Pittsburgh

• Monday, Oct. 10 for Oct. 16, 2011 Moving Day in Washington, D.C.

• Monday, Oct. 17 for Oct. 22, 2011 Moving Day in Rome, GA

More Information

More information about these events can be found on the website of the National Parkinson’s Foundation.

In its announcement of the events, the National Parkinson’s Foundation states, “[Moving Day is] more than just a fundraising walk. It’s a day to change the state of awareness about a disease that affects so many of our family and friends. It’s a movement for everyone to join together to move the needle.”

According to the Foundation, the Moving Day events will include a drawing for an iPod Touch, as well as:

… family friendly walk routes, food, music and celebration for people of all ages and abilities. A unique feature of this fundraising event will be a Movement Fair, including demonstrations of Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, Pilates and much more, illustrating the importance of movement to people living with Parkinson’s disease.

The Foundation invites everyone to register for one of the three inaugural Moving Day events, either as a team or as an individual walker.

“If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation to support another participant or team. Your efforts will help raise funds to improve the lives of the one million people living with Parkinson’s disease in the United States,” the Foundation requests.

For more information on Moving Day or about Parkinson’s Disease, see the website of the National Parkinson’s Foundation.

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