Jenny Paulisinecz Performs the Tango - at 95 Years Old!

Jenny Paulisinecz (at Age 95!) Danced an impressive Tango performance with her Instructor Alex Koulik at the Goldcoast Ballroom Showcase July 10, 2012Jenny Paulisinecz (95 Years old!) performed an impressive Tango with her instructor Alex Koulik at the July 10, 2012 Showcase at Goldcoast Ballroom in Coconut Creek, Florida.

When Goldcoast Ballroom owner, Jeff Sandler, asked Jenny the secret of her dancing prowess, she said, “Practice — dance a lot!”

Jenny takes regular lessons from her instructor Alex Koulik, and often dances in Showcase performances and Competitions with him. This has included the Grand National Ballroom Championship in October, 2011, and others.

She has danced performances and competitions in all five ballroom dances – Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep – as well as Swing and Latin dances. Standing ovations are the usual audience reaction for Jenny!

According to Jenny’s instructors, Alex and Tanya Koulik, “Jenny started dancing 20 years ago after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. Her doctor recommended ballroom dancing as an excercise.”

“Today, Jenny is healthier with normal blood pressure, stronger muscles and her diabetes condition has improved. She is younger-feeling now than she was 20 years ago,” the Kouliks say on their website.

“The day Jenny turned 95 she was practicing her dance routines in the North Miami Beach dance studio with her ballroom instructor, preparing for the Grand National Championship,” the Kouliks note.

Alex Koulik and his wife Tanya are instructors of Ballroom, Salsa, Tango & Wedding dances. Their students include National Champions and World Representatives in dance. Their studio, Dance Place Miami, is located in North Miami Beach, Florida.

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The Goldcoast Ballroom, owned by Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno, is located at 1415 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33063 (Tel: 954-979-0770). It offers group classes and private lessons in all dances, taught by World Class instructors, many of whom hold National and World titles in dance. It also offers social dances Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, tea dances on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and several spectacular Showcase Performances, which have included guest performances by professionals from Dancing With the Stars as well as other National and World Champions of dance.

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