The Long Hello - The Other Side of Alzheimer's

The Long Hello – The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, by Cathie Borrie, is a sensitive and poetic memoir by a loving daughter told in the setting of her passage with her Mother through the journey of her Mother’s Alzheimer’s. We experience the journey and a lifetime of wisdom through her Mother’s voice. This is a positive story of the love between a Mother and Daughter, and illustrates a hopeful and positive way to experience the Alzheimer’s journey with a loved parent.

“The Long Hello cherishes the bond between mothers and daughters, and creates a startling change in society’s perception of those journeying through Alzheimer’s.” (Quoting commentary posted on the author’s website.)

The Long Hello has won several awards, and has been highly recommended by many readers. It has been a best seller at Here are some examples of comments posted by readers:

Cathie Borrie’s handling of such a deeply personal and challenging issue is pure magic. The easy conversation that takes place between patient (Mum) and caregiver (Daughter) creates such an intimate story that sensitively guides the reader into the painful world of Alzheimer’s as seen from both sides. It’s sad. It’s uplifting. It’s hope. Thank you CB, for bringing us this treasure at such a crucial time. ” – Jane Mellor.


This book is stunning! I’m awed at how good it is! Cathie Borrie is a genius.

I didn’t know that words could leap off the page and into your heart the way hers do.

What she wrote strikes me as completely original. When my late husband was ill, I read everything I could on dementia, but there wasn’t anything remotely as useful or touching.” – M. Perdue


Cathie Borrie’s recent book, The Long Hello, highly deserves the praise and awards it has received. I first saw this work in drafts. And in later stages, it amazed me then as it does now. Cathie writes about Alzheimer’s difficult challenges with clarity and keen insight edged with just the right amount of humor. Cathie is a spellbinding speaker for audiences both large and small. Cathie’s exuberance for life is contagious among her audience and that also comes through both her oral stories and her writing in the most pleasing and sometimes surprising ways.” – John F. Evans


Read more about The Long Hello – The Other Side of Alzheimer’s and about the author, Cathie Borrie, on her website:

The Long Hello – The Other Side of Alzheimer’s can be purchased through the author’s website at: A link to where the book can be purchased at is also found there.

We highly recommend this book.


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