Good news about broccoli in your diet and reducing the risk of cancer!

First the bad news. Researches found one would have to eat 2 lbs of broccoli a week to reduce the risk of cancer by 50%! In 1992, scientists from John Hopkins found a phyto-chemical in broccoli which reduces the risk of developing cancer and slows down the aging process.

The good news, for those that don’t like broccoli, is that broccoli sprouts contain about 50 times more of the cancer protecting compound than whole broccoli. So instead of having to consume 6 cups of broccoli for the 50% cancer risk reduction benefit, one cup of broccoli sprouts would have the same effect.

Broccoli sprouts can be used on sandwiches or salads and mixed into soup or rice pilaf.

See ICYOU (Intensive Content For Your Health) video on Cancer Prevention with Broccoli Sprouts, by Nutrition Concultant, Karen Roth, MS, NC»


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