Harvard Health Updates Report on Foot Care Basics - Preventing and Treating Common Foot Conditions

Foot Care Basics, by Harvard Health PublicationsHarvard Health Publications has issued a newly revised Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School on “Foot Care Basics: Preventing and treating common foot conditions.”

“Three out of four Americans will suffer some kind of foot ailment in their lifetimes,” according to Harvard Health Publications. “There are at least 300 different types of foot problems.”

“This Special Health Report covers the foot problems that affect most people and helps you prevent and treat them,” the publisher states. “It also explains how to keep your feet fit and functioning and includes advice for those with special health conditions that affect the feet such as diabetes and arthritis.”

The 48 page report is prepared by the editors of Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Health) in consultation with Christopher P. Chiodo, M.D., Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Orthopedic Surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and James P. Ioli, DPM, Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Chief of Podiatry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“Jammed in a hot shoe all day, taking the brunt of daily travels, the foot is often overlooked when it comes to health and fitness. But once it starts to hurt, it will quickly remind you of your neglect,” says an announcement of the newly revised Special Health Report issued by Harvard Health.

“But, the good news is that feet are resilient. With regular attention and timely treatment when needed, you can keep your feet healthy and happy,” the announcement states.

The newly revised Harvard Medical School Special Health Report on Foot Care Basics, according to the publisher, contains information on the best ways to:

  • “Soothe aching arches and Achilles tendons
  • Shrink corns and calluses
  • Prevent bunions and blisters, and
  • Treat everything from hammertoe and ingrown nails to heel bursitis and stress fractures.”

Other featured content in the newly revised Harvard Health Report, as noted by the publisher, includes:

  • “How to address plantar fasciitis, the leading cause of heel pain, without surgery,”
  • “How to properly treat a sprain,”
  • “How to determine if you’ve broken a bone,”
  • “How to halt toenail fungus,”
  • “How to effectively soothe pain of osteoarthritis in the feet,”
  • “Practical steps to keep your feet strong, supple, and problem-free,”
  • “Mistakes people often make when buying shoes, walking, or even clipping nails,”
  • “Easy exercise routines for stronger, more limber feet,”
  • “The latest advances in foot care and treatment, from minimally invasive surgery to safer pain-relieving medications,”
  • “How to prevent and treat those conditions that can make walking painful,” and
  • “How to achieve and maintain the ‘foot fitness’ that will help you stay mobile, active, and engaged.”

For a more detailed description and table of contents of the new Harvard Health Special Report, “Foot Care Basics: Preventing and treating common foot conditions,” see the description and excerpt contained on the Harvard Health Publications Website, where you can purchase the new Health Report online. The cost of a PDF download or print copy of the report is US $18.00. Both a print copy and PDF download can be purchased for US $26.00.

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