National Institute on Aging — Age Page: Getting Your Affairs in Order

National Institute on Aging — Age Page: Getting Your Affairs in Order, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A 6 page fact sheet, providing a checklist of important legal matters to be addressed as one ages. These include (1) finding and putting all important legal documents and papers in one place (a check list of important documents is provided), (2) advising a trusted family member where all such papers are, (3) giving consent in advance for one’s doctors and lawyers to talk to one’s family caregiver as needed, (4) addressing health care decisions in advance of incapacity through a Health Care Advance Directive, such as appointment of a Health Care Surrogate or Proxy (or Health Care Power of Attorney, depending on your State) and /or a Living Will, and (5) appointing a Durable Power of Attorney to handle financial and legal matters in the event of incapacity. Other issues include estate planning, wills, trusts, Medicaid planning, and others listed here on

»NIA – Age Page- Getting Your Affairs in Order

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